Broumov Monastery

The Benedictine monastery of Broumov is a dominant feature and one of the most sought-after monuments in the Broumov region. In this baroque complex you can visit a large number of events every year: tours of unique works of art and mysterious nooks, concerts, lectures and tastings. You can also stay in the monastery - in renovated monk cells. And while you're there, be sure to have a cup of coffee in the inspiring monastery Café Dientzenhofer.

A bit of the history of the monastery in Broumov

Broumov Monastery is one of the most important Baroque monuments. Its history dates back to the beginning of the 13th century, but it experienced its greatest prosperity after the year 1620 when it was rebuilt in the Baroque style.

In the monastery refectory, you will find many works of art, including copies of the Shroud of Turin. It was found in 1999 in the monastery church of St. Adalbert. The canvas was accompanied by an authentic accompanying document, which showed that the canvas was donated in 1651 by the Archbishop of Turin Julius Caesar Bargiria to the abbot at St. Nicholas in the Old Town of Prague, later Prague Archbishop Matouš Ferdinand Sobek of Bílenberk.

From 1950, the monastery served as an internment camp, first for monks, and later for nuns of various orders. It was one of the many prisons that the communist regime set up in our country.
At present, the Broumov Monastery is an independent entity and is not populated by a religious community.

You can get to Broumov from our apartments by direct train connection in about half an hour. By bus at about the same time with one transfer.